OMI by Lise´

Exploring the depths of glass...

OMI Sales Gallery

Every piece is one-of-a-kind. Due to the nature of the layers of color and light in the glass, sometimes the true depth and brilliance of a piece might be difficult to see in photographs.
The more transparent pieces can appear remarkably different.Your piece might take on a different appearance depending on lighting and against different colors and textures. This is the magic of an OMI. Unexpected colors emerge, creating a unique, wearable work of art.

The two images at the right are of the same OMI!

In the Sales Gallery below, click on each piece to see the size and price. OMIs are arranged by price from $20 to $110. See the Necklaces page for chokers, cords, and chains.
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Omis are arranged for your convenience in three sales galleries by price. Price is not totally related to size. The number of firings, types of glass, and inlays all influence the price of an Omi. Your Omi includes one free choice of a necklace (see Necklaces page). Additional necklaces may be purchased for $5-10.

In the Galleries, clicking on the thumbnail images reveals a larger image and the dimensions of each OMI. The scale of the images is not true, so be sure to notice the listed length and width.